Festival of Color Denver Hacked by Notorious Cyberstalker Joseph Camp

The Festival of Color is an annual event that has taken place the past six years. It promotes community, inspiration, and creativity. It is founded by Anthony Garnica who is a life long influencer in the Latin community and fashion/modeling industry. The Festival of Color is a major Denver Fashion event that exhibits the hard work of unique colorful designers and hundreds of models, photographers, musicians, make up artists, and supporting staff members. It takes a village to make this event a success. For many, this highly anticipated event is where dreams come true.
However, it only takes one person to sabotage the dreams of many and turn something good into something distasteful.
Among the many supporting staff members one stands out. He is Joseph F. Camp. Joseph, a former convicted felon arrested several times for hacking, stalking, selling social security numbers, harassing and illegally carrying firearms.

Image linked to article of his return arrest

He has websites designated to his menacing! He was running the social media and promotion for the event. On October 18th, the night of the event, it was alleged that Joseph stole money and was extorting the Producer J Anthony. Joseph was terminated and dissociated from the event. Joseph had access to the social media sites, personal information of attendees and the photography content drives. It is alleged that Joseph asked for money and threatened to keep the photography content and use the media to destroy Anthony Garnica if he didn’t pay. J Anthony placed a public message to the attendees to beware and not use the site. That it had been hacked and not use the festival of color Facebook page. Everything was denied by Joseph and that J Anthony was extorting Joe. The “he said she said” game began. Many didn’t believe this was happening at first then the Defaming posts started flowing from the hijacked festival of color page. The page was changed to a dog park location and the Page photo was changed to rapist. Many vile comments were written and uploaded to the page. The autoreply that was set up for people to get the links for photos, replied with more defaming massages targeting Anthony Garnica. People started receiving spam email further condemming Anthony assumed to be from the attendee data sheet (which Joseph was in control). It is now six days later and the messages continue to flow against Anthony.

Link to full article

One would think how could such a person be incharge of promoting an event…. During the past few months, Joseph organized a media group and has been promoting events, politicians and modeling shoots. The first major event was a key role in the zombie crawl. This event went flawlessly and the marketing Camp implemented was superior to none. Joe had proven his exceptional skills at web marketing, promotion and organizing. Joe can put himself at the right place and talk his way into just about anything. Recognizing his abilities and believing in redemption, the Festival of Color producer decided to give him a chance. There were warning signs at previous engagements where models and agencies would refuse to participate and warn us about Joseph Camp. Despite the complaints it was believed that Joseph had turned over a new leaf.

Joe runs a cult like well organized media group. He started using a modeling agency, who does not wish to be named, to further his publicity. The owner of this agency mysteriously withdrew direct association a few weeks prior to the Festival of Color. Joe has integrated himself and his group into political campaigns, store owners, modeling agencies, and event producers. He promises wealth and publicity to those who support him. He uses legal action and fear against anyone who says anything against him, however he feels free to defame and threaten anyone who doesnt agree with him.. Joe has hundreds of fans that he has cyberbullied and want to see him in jail.

In 2014 Joe continually stalked the famous attorney Jay Liederman who represents the famous group anonymous. Joes obsessive sociopathic unsuccessful determination to bring down Liederman led to alleged calls to the KKK to support Joe Camps ventures and executed. The KKK recommended sorting out the dispute by themselves.

Click here to read full article

Joes cyberbullying keeps people in fear. His cunning articles make one wonder and question. Joes notorious history as a cyberbully has ranked him in the top 5 cyberbullies nationwide. He even has a dedicated website for him on the site Bullyville where people can report cyberstalking. Joe has around 100 entries.

Click here for link to site and article

Many believe it is a fishing expedition to get people that have been unhappy with J Anthony. Joe has also been reported to be soliciting people to testify against Anthony in attempts to construct a case to get money. I was a member of this media group. Joe told me he was an FBI informant on missing children and missing persons cases. I see he has used this line before to manipulate people into believing his nonsense.

Photo linked to information on arrests and using a false role as an FBI informant

The bottom line, if you are in a role to support an event, you are a trusted key person there to support that event. If a dispute arises with someone it is a childish act to sabotage the event. An event of inspiration. An event where people attain their dreams. An event that promotes goodness. It does not just get revenge on one person but an attack on everyone who poured their creativity and heart into the event! As of this morning due to my support of FOC I have been added to his hated group of victims and childish internet tantrums. He has now named me a pedofile and doing sketchy photos with Anthony which my first ever contact was the meet and greet about a month ago… Now I am 100% certain everything is fabricated. I am strongly against child molestation. I always try my best to do right. The only nude photos I have ever done were some topless photos for Joe Camp at his watershoot and I didn’t really feel very comfortable doing that.

The modeling industry is easily targeted by predators. There are so many aspiring people who want to create content it is easy to be naive. Know who you work with and their history! Don’t go places alone! If something is too good to be true it’s probably not.

– Jared Kennedy

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