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Jared Kennedy.

Nurse Practioner. Photography. Filmaking. Gold Mining. Snowboarding. Exploring. Adventuring. Former Military. Public event photography/videography like DFW, Zombiecrawl, National western stock show, Paranormal Palace, White Rose Gala, Burro Racing, many fashion events, etc. Current videographer/ film editor with Mile High Sagas comedy series. check it out. Its going to be amazing!

Sites: www.Thecolorado303.com

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youtube: https://www.youtube.com/JaredKennedyCreations

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TFP General information

Studio Location

Just off 6th ave about a mile from Colorado Mills Mall

Address sent privately

Phone: 303-396-8223

The studio:

It is new with ideas evolving. It is additional space located at my residence that has been converted

Appx size 20x20ft. Room is about 500sqft. Backdrop wall size is 10ft wide.


At my residence is a 2400ft townhome and I live with my daughter and a roommate.  Safety is always a concern at any shoot. I have no criminal history and can also provide references if requested. If possible it is preferred to do small shoots in groups of 2. Its good for networking and utilizes a second eye for staging and is often more fun. You are also always welcome to bring a guest. There is a bathroom in the studio for changing.

I will not request any type of nudity or implied nudity.

Types of shoots:

Backdrops/ Background removal

Focus is more on the creative end utilizing backdrops to remove backgrounds and superimpose on creative backgrounds. A blacked out proof can be used for many different photos. Backdrops are in black, white, and red.

Classic theme utilizing victorian style furniture

Standing Mirror utilizing reflections 

Swing with both brown or white rope. Swing seats available in fluorescent green, sparkly silver and mahogany colored stained wood.

Main set similar to a stage

Eisel to stage a person painting themselves or something

100s of background proofs : Van Gogh backgrounds, forests, beaches, sunflower fields etc

Playing a cello on a victorian chair

Natural real brick background

Many props available for shoots and I have about 6 or 7 outfits available.

I also may have some designers who would lend outfits for modeling.

These are just a few ideas and open to your ideas too.

TFP shoots

The primary purpose is to create tasteful creative content. Primary focus is creating content for both the model and photographer. The photos are yours and there are no catches. I will not post photos without crediting the model and kindly ask for you to do the same. It is implied by both parties that all photos will be used in good taste. The initial set will have a small watermark and I can also watermark your name with stylish lettering if desired. I can also send you an unwatermarked set. Photos will be uploaded to a shared google drive where you can download or share. If you would like a dvd, sdcard, or usb mailed to you, I have them available at cost + shipping.

Hope this general information helps and look forward to creating some neat photos

sincerely ,

Jared Kennedy

TFP Shoot (definite available dates) For any other specific dates please inquire

Jan 2021

15th ( Sat) 



20th (Thurs)




24th (mon)




28th ((Fri)


31st (mon)



Feb 2021

3rd (Thurs)



8th (Tue)



11th (Fri)


March 2021

4th (fri)




9th (wed)



13th (sun)