Valentines Roundup Photography information sheet

Photography link 

By photographing or filming video at the event, you agree ALL photos and videos captured are owned by all of us involved in the creation of the moment and fall under TFP guidelines

Event tags

@voidstudiosdenver #valentinesroundup2023

and whatever fun things you think of

Photograph Links uploaded so far

Bill Murf Message him (contact info below and choose which photos you want him to edit. Raw photos are in the link to choose and he will do a final edit

Jared Kennedy

Upload images and video for behind the scenes that you took at the event on your phones here for public sharing

Lynn Hough

Chuck Pringle pre- edited link. Choose up to 5 photos for him to edit and send him your NAME and INSTAGRAM info. Chuck (contact info below) and he will do a final retouch and edit for you

Chucks photos also uploaded onto photographer only upload link

Cliff Conklin updated Feb 13th 2023

Jaymie Alexander updated Feb 13th 2023.

Mikaela Nichols-Lionetti updated Feb 13th 2023

Janice Kerbel

Terry Gonzales (Artist Edge Photography)

Photographer only upload link (If you dont have a private link you can upload photos here)

A Photographer Contact list


Bill Murf (Host) 

FB Billwtm             IG  1billmurf_1

FB Forget Me Not Imaging

Jared Kennedy (Host)

FB @jared.kennedy2              IG    Jared.Kennedy

FB Community page @thecolorado303life IG @Thecolorado303life

Ph. 303-396-8223

Mikaela Nichols-Lionetti 

FB mikaela.lionetti

IG @mnl_photograph

Chuck  Pringle

FB @chuck.pringle  IG       IG silvverr506/

Lynn Hough


Cliff Conklin

FB @clifford.conklin.52 IG @clifford.conklin

Janice Kerbel IG @unstableculture1

Terry Gonzales Fb @terry.eiselgonzales website

IG artist.edge

Jaymie Alexander FB @jaymie.alexander