A little Place with lots of adventures

The property is located on 20 acres (with 100 acres shared) of Private land that include a section of Alps mountain. Located about 1/2 mile west of Idaho Springs across from the clear creek river with easy access from I70.

The area was known as the Spanish Bar during the late 1800 and was one of the richest areas for gold and silver. The property is adjacent to the Stanley mines, a former major copper and gold mine, which is anticipated to be a future adventure park. From May to July you can observe white water rafters on the river 100ft away.

The property is located at the base of Stanley Road and has an appx 900ft elevation and a 0.9 mile hike to the top. A switchback road goes almost to the top.

The Property

The Tool Shed

Built Primarily to store tools and equipment but we kept building and improving it

Now it has

  • Potbelly woodburning and propane heat
  • Solar power for indoor/outdoor lighting, 120v for radios, small accessories, laptops, phone charging
  • mine safety equipment for exploring and extracting minerals
  • hand held communication radios and lights
  • throwing knives and axes
  • repelling rope
  • 3500 watt generator

Have fun and hang out.

  • Grill
  • Propane fire pit
  • scenic views
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Campfires when permitted
  • With the mine 10 feet away and temps consistently around 50 deg it provides a perfect place to store a cold beer

The Mountain offers amazing Hiking with Historic landmarks. You can see Rose Quarts and minerals as well as where the river was once hundreds of feet above where it is now. There are Hundreds of gold mines on Alps with 2 on the premises.

The Little Harry Gold mine was reopened in 2019 after is was closed in 1914. This mine is a pyritic zinc and lead mine that was used primarily for gold and silver. It is 620 feet long.

Whats it like exploring a Gold Mine? Check it out

Flyfishing and fun on Clear Creek

Across the street and about 100ft from Clear Creek River offers flyfishing and beautiful river access

Hiking and exploring

A Switch back road offers access to most of the mountain at a steep grade. You will get a great workout if you hike to the top. There is a mining cabin, great views of Idaho Springs and an old historic lookout

Repelling rocks. Short hike around to the top. Ropes and harness equipment stored on site

Santiagos Lookout

A Historic landmark when the Spanish Gold Hunters first explored the area in the 1500s. This lookout you can see Idaho Springs and the entrance to the Rockies. Its a scramble to get there and it is well hidden… hehe