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Send us an email with your story and a few photos to go along with it. All submissions posted will credit you, the writer, as “independent contributing author”. Most articles will be published if they are well written and follow our vision. Below are listed specific areas of interest. By submitting you agree that the article is your own.

Your story will be may be edited to fit a Journal based writing style for the readers. You can later share it on social media as desired. This is a great promotion for bands, artists or those with specific skills, as well as, and those who wish to support their local community. If you wish to join our writing team please inquire.

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Arts, Entertainment and bands

Colorado has a very active art culture. There is a very active population of artists, musicians, thrill seekers, outdoor adventurers, off roading etc…..  the list goes on and on. Colorado’s has no shortage of landscapes, events, art, and music culture that easily provide inspiration. The struggle exists within almost every artist in every trade. It is not a question of talent but a matter of promoting it. A primary goal is to tell their story.

Filming, acting, comedy, modeling, theater, music, new local bands and performers etc…

  • Skilled trades

If you have a special skill, tell us about it! Artists show their talents in many forms. Colorado is a home for craft and  invention. There are over 300 craft breweries in the Denver area alone. Special topics in this category include glass blowers, artisan coffee, food, craft cocktails, clothing designers, candles, natural body oils,  organic farming, CBD oils, hemp farming etc…..

  • Public Events

Topics in this area include wine festivals, music festivals, renaissance festival, hot air balloons, rodeos, winter sports events, Christmas markets, conventions, fashion shows etc…

  • Travel

Cool places you visited in the Colorado and neighboring areas.

  • Food and drink

Write about your favorite coffee shop or bar. Not only is there and abundance of restaurants and coffee shops, there are also many smaller mom and pop shops that offer a unique ambiance to their customers.

  • Recreation

Kayaking, river tubing, hiking, off road, horseback riding, paddleboarding,  fishing, ziplining etc…

  • Local Hot Spots

Anything from river rafting, haunted places, and speakeasy bars to museums.

  • Local Community

Bike thefts on the rise, coping with higher living prices, where to get a good deal etc….

  • Miscellaneous

Any article that fits somewhere in this ideology that may be of interest to readers