It’s ok to Bogart the Blunt during Corona Virus: Puff Puff Pass Ban

Photo credit: fotoNino

Smoking the entire bowl or joint may no longer be considered Bogarting as health officials now recommend that stoners and potheads smoke their own individually dedicated paraphernalia. In the next few days, City officials will vote on a decision to prevent the passing of marijuana affiliated paraphernalia in public and while driving on public roads or at stoplights.

A recent study shows that saliva and germs from your nasty mouth has a 99.967% chance of transferring the corona covid19 virus. Even though THC has a tendency to decrease the senses in humans, it has the potential to enhance the corona virus and turn it into a supervirus on steroids. The virus may be temporarily dazed but is still able to find its host.

Health officials encourage the use of recreational marijuana and the revenue it generates (especially since concerts have been cancelled across the nation) but recommend that if you decide to smoke in groups that each individual has their own blunt, bowl, bong, gas mask or preferred paraphernalia and be sure to smoke the entire contents.

With 4/20 on the verge you do not want to acquire the Corona virus and have respiratory issues during this yearly anticipated event.

Article written for entertainment

Jared Kennedy

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