Denver Kicks off October with the 14th Annual Zombie Crawl

October 6th, 2019 Article by Jared Kennedy

Cosplay events are a sought after attraction throughout the year in Denver and Colorado. The summer months provide opportunities for costume enthusiasts and spectators with major events like Comic Con and The Renaissance Festival. October, with Halloween right around the corner, serves as no ordinary month either.  Halloween is an all time favorite holiday for many that have awaited the moment to take out their elaborate costumes and wreak havoc on the innocent. 

This past weekend entertained two major events. The Great American Beer Fest for those 21 years and over with tickets costing $85 and the open to public 2019 Denver Zombie Crawl. The Denver Zombie crawl is a major event that occurs in downtown Denver every year along the 16th street mall a few weeks before Hallowen.

Photo by Cliff Conklin

Every year the event becomes more popular and large crowds gather to spectate or join the event. Thouasnds join with cosplay, hundreds of people take photos, and tens of thousands join in spectating. During the event gouls, monsters, zombies and even angels take over the streets for the day. 

Video by Jared Kennedy

The Denver Zombie Crawl is largely sponsored by the 13th floor entertainment group which operates the 13th floor haunted house in Denver and other states. They are the world’s largest Halloween themed entertainment company creating immersive events for the public. They also host many public events in Colorado throughout the year.

This year’s 14th Annual Zombie Crawl was met with many themed events. The Zombie version of the Wizard of Oz “If I only had some brains!” provides new insight to you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Scooby Doo and Shaggy known for their affinity to fear, reverse roles as zombies and enhance the immersion of the public experience.

Model Celee Wilkinson with Angel powers attempts to revive Scooby and Shaggy

Maybe you are simply looking to share a meal with a close friend or

Model Nelly Zarazua breaks for lunch

no matter your desire. The Zombie Crawl is a great event where you can bring the entire family for some pizza, spooks, laughter or entertainment that won’t break the budget.

Photo by Frank LeBoeuf

Models from Sherry’s Angels and Cierra F’s modeling volunteered services coordinated with Joseph Camp by immersing the public into their theme, while photographers (Frank Leboeuf, Chris Aderhold, Cliff Conklin and Jared Kennedy) recorded the memories and provided free professional photos to everyone.

Photo by Chris Aderhold
Models from Sherry’s Angels Cierra F Modeling take photos with the crowd

Most will return home with their skin intact!

Join the Zombie crawl, immerse yourself, and enjoy the day with friends but no matter what you do, make sure you make it out alive!

But no matter how you return next year, as Zombie or human, the event will be back again! Be sure not to miss it!!!!

Article by Jared Kennedy

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