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Denver’s “Dolls in the Attic” All female Aerosmith tribute band performs at The Venue

Dolls in the Attic is an all female Aerosmith tribute band. Embodying the energy and character that has enchanted Aerosmith fans around the globe, this group delivers a dynamic rock performance with class and sass!

Michelle brings the vocal power of Steven Tyler to the stage. 

Ariadnee shreds lead guitar with the showmanship of Joe Perry . 

Karina lays down the driving basslines of Tom Hamilton.

 Julia grooves on rhythm guitar, embodying Brad Whitford. 

H keeps the train rollin all night long with the drum beats of Joey Kramer. 

Dolls in the Attic can’t wait to blow you away!

     On April 16th, 2021,  Dolls in the Attic put on an Aerosmith Tribute performance at The Venue that did not disappoint! 

Their energy and music astounded a packed auditorium of fans who were blown away by their performance. 

The Venue is a live music performance venue that came to life with the owners Pam and Brett. They wanted to create a place that you can bring your family to during the day, and Party at night! With live entertainment and good food, their goal was to please every kind of crowd that walks through the doors. 

The Monsters of Rock themed tribute was a total success with Dolls in the Attic covering Aerosmith, The Zoo performing Scorpions, and Infestation 303 as Ratt. 

If you are looking for some great live entertainment be sure to check out one of their upcoming shows

Article by Jared Kennedy Apr 17, 2021

Acrobatrix duo delivers breathtaking performances at the Renaissance festival

Written by Jared Kennedy

       If you are looking for a breathtaking, fast paced, slapstick comical performance, look no further!  The Acrobatrix integrates everything from axe and machete juggling to astonishing stunts during their act. Every second of their performance will leave you laughing and wondering how could anyone do that! 

Leah Orleans is Star and Etienne McGinley is Thunder M’Crack. Bending, flipping and flying through the air- the show is action packed from start to finish. Leah and Etienne are a duo unlike any other. Quirky contortionist plus charismatic juggler equals a show that will bring the house down. Surprises and thrills delight the audience with over-the-top feats of strength, agility and absurdity.

      The real life couple has been performing since 2013. Their 40 minute renaissance festival shows are predominantly improvised, securing large crowd participation. This is their career and they have turned their dreams into reality.

The festival runs during the weekends and Leah is also offering workshops in Denver on July 23rd and July 25th.

The Renaissance festival runs every weekend until August and is filled with nonstop performances. This is one you won’t want to miss!

Denver Cherry Blossom Festival 2019

Written by Jared Kennedy|     

Drums beat and thunder roars, as rain tries to play it’s role on many festivals this weekend! Nonetheless, The 47th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival was able to entertain the public and celebrate their heritage. Saturday morning was filled with rain but gave way to sunshine throughout the day attracting a large crowd to share in their celebration.

Above is a performance in Taiko Drumming. Julia Misawa founded the group Boulder Taiko Hibiki in 2006, a taiko group open to all ages, where students study with a focus on the four values: mind skill, body and manner. Julia also started the Boulder Taiko Ensemble (BTE), which pushes new boundaries in the ever-expanding world of taiko performance adding western drums , guitar and voice, shakuhachi flute and violin (Anthony to the traditional taiko mix. 

DBT Minyoukai participants performed in several displays of Traditional Japanese folk dances.

In Japanese culture, tea is much more than a drink. The tea ceremonyhas been a part of the traditional Japanese culture for centuries. A quiet celebration performed with grace and beauty, the tea ritual is a bonding experience of mindfulness and respect. Above, narrated by Leonard Large, Aislynn Van Clief prepares tea for her guest Alyssa Card. Aislynn is the owner of Fudo-An Tea and wellness services .

The Cherry Blossom festival celebrates annually in downtown Denver sharing Japanese heritage with the community. There are 2 full days of performances in martial arts, ikebana, music, dancing, taiko drummers , and ceremonies. The streets were filled with vendors of all sorts hosting an array of Japanese items. Best of all, there was no shortage of traditional foods and saki!

Written by Jared Kennedy, Contributing Associate