Denver’s “Dolls in the Attic” All female Aerosmith tribute band performs at The Venue

Dolls in the Attic is an all female Aerosmith tribute band. Embodying the energy and character that has enchanted Aerosmith fans around the globe, this group delivers a dynamic rock performance with class and sass!

Michelle brings the vocal power of Steven Tyler to the stage. 

Ariadnee shreds lead guitar with the showmanship of Joe Perry . 

Karina lays down the driving basslines of Tom Hamilton.

 Julia grooves on rhythm guitar, embodying Brad Whitford. 

H keeps the train rollin all night long with the drum beats of Joey Kramer. 

Dolls in the Attic can’t wait to blow you away!

     On April 16th, 2021,  Dolls in the Attic put on an Aerosmith Tribute performance at The Venue that did not disappoint! 

Their energy and music astounded a packed auditorium of fans who were blown away by their performance. 

The Venue is a live music performance venue that came to life with the owners Pam and Brett. They wanted to create a place that you can bring your family to during the day, and Party at night! With live entertainment and good food, their goal was to please every kind of crowd that walks through the doors. 

The Monsters of Rock themed tribute was a total success with Dolls in the Attic covering Aerosmith, The Zoo performing Scorpions, and Infestation 303 as Ratt. 

If you are looking for some great live entertainment be sure to check out one of their upcoming shows

Article by Jared Kennedy Apr 17, 2021

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