Festival of Color Denver Hacked by Notorious Cyberstalker Joseph Camp

The Festival of Color is an annual event that has taken place the past six years. It promotes community, inspiration, and creativity. It is founded by Anthony Garnica who is a life long influencer in the Latin community and fashion/modeling industry. The Festival of Color is a major Denver Fashion event that exhibits the hard work of unique colorful designers and hundreds of models, photographers, musicians, make up artists, and supporting staff members. It takes a village to make this event a success. For many, this highly anticipated event is where dreams come true.
However, it only takes one person to sabotage the dreams of many and turn something good into something distasteful.
Among the many supporting staff members one stands out. He is Joseph F. Camp. Joseph, a former convicted felon arrested several times for hacking, stalking, selling social security numbers, harassing and illegally carrying firearms.

Image linked to article of his return arrest

He has websites designated to his menacing! He was running the social media and promotion for the event. On October 18th, the night of the event, it was alleged that Joseph stole money and was extorting the Producer J Anthony. Joseph was terminated and dissociated from the event. Joseph had access to the social media sites, personal information of attendees and the photography content drives. It is alleged that Joseph asked for money and threatened to keep the photography content and use the media to destroy Anthony Garnica if he didn’t pay. J Anthony placed a public message to the attendees to beware and not use the site. That it had been hacked and not use the festival of color Facebook page. Everything was denied by Joseph and that J Anthony was extorting Joe. The “he said she said” game began. Many didn’t believe this was happening at first then the Defaming posts started flowing from the hijacked festival of color page. The page was changed to a dog park location and the Page photo was changed to rapist. Many vile comments were written and uploaded to the page. The autoreply that was set up for people to get the links for photos, replied with more defaming massages targeting Anthony Garnica. People started receiving spam email further condemming Anthony assumed to be from the attendee data sheet (which Joseph was in control). It is now six days later and the messages continue to flow against Anthony.

Link to full article

One would think how could such a person be incharge of promoting an event…. During the past few months, Joseph organized a media group and has been promoting events, politicians and modeling shoots. The first major event was a key role in the zombie crawl. This event went flawlessly and the marketing Camp implemented was superior to none. Joe had proven his exceptional skills at web marketing, promotion and organizing. Joe can put himself at the right place and talk his way into just about anything. Recognizing his abilities and believing in redemption, the Festival of Color producer decided to give him a chance. There were warning signs at previous engagements where models and agencies would refuse to participate and warn us about Joseph Camp. Despite the complaints it was believed that Joseph had turned over a new leaf.

Joe runs a cult like well organized media group. He started using a modeling agency, who does not wish to be named, to further his publicity. The owner of this agency mysteriously withdrew direct association a few weeks prior to the Festival of Color. Joe has integrated himself and his group into political campaigns, store owners, modeling agencies, and event producers. He promises wealth and publicity to those who support him. He uses legal action and fear against anyone who says anything against him, however he feels free to defame and threaten anyone who doesnt agree with him.. Joe has hundreds of fans that he has cyberbullied and want to see him in jail.

In 2014 Joe continually stalked the famous attorney Jay Liederman who represents the famous group anonymous. Joes obsessive sociopathic unsuccessful determination to bring down Liederman led to alleged calls to the KKK to support Joe Camps ventures and executed. The KKK recommended sorting out the dispute by themselves.

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Joes cyberbullying keeps people in fear. His cunning articles make one wonder and question. Joes notorious history as a cyberbully has ranked him in the top 5 cyberbullies nationwide. He even has a dedicated website for him on the site Bullyville where people can report cyberstalking. Joe has around 100 entries.

Click here for link to site and article

Many believe it is a fishing expedition to get people that have been unhappy with J Anthony. Joe has also been reported to be soliciting people to testify against Anthony in attempts to construct a case to get money. I was a member of this media group. Joe told me he was an FBI informant on missing children and missing persons cases. I see he has used this line before to manipulate people into believing his nonsense.

Photo linked to information on arrests and using a false role as an FBI informant

The bottom line, if you are in a role to support an event, you are a trusted key person there to support that event. If a dispute arises with someone it is a childish act to sabotage the event. An event of inspiration. An event where people attain their dreams. An event that promotes goodness. It does not just get revenge on one person but an attack on everyone who poured their creativity and heart into the event! As of this morning due to my support of FOC I have been added to his hated group of victims and childish internet tantrums. He has now named me a pedofile and doing sketchy photos with Anthony which my first ever contact was the meet and greet about a month ago… Now I am 100% certain everything is fabricated. I am strongly against child molestation. I always try my best to do right. The only nude photos I have ever done were some topless photos for Joe Camp at his watershoot and I didn’t really feel very comfortable doing that.

The modeling industry is easily targeted by predators. There are so many aspiring people who want to create content it is easy to be naive. Know who you work with and their history! Don’t go places alone! If something is too good to be true it’s probably not.

– Jared Kennedy

Denver Kicks off October with the 14th Annual Zombie Crawl

October 6th, 2019 Article by Jared Kennedy

Cosplay events are a sought after attraction throughout the year in Denver and Colorado. The summer months provide opportunities for costume enthusiasts and spectators with major events like Comic Con and The Renaissance Festival. October, with Halloween right around the corner, serves as no ordinary month either.  Halloween is an all time favorite holiday for many that have awaited the moment to take out their elaborate costumes and wreak havoc on the innocent. 

This past weekend entertained two major events. The Great American Beer Fest for those 21 years and over with tickets costing $85 and the open to public 2019 Denver Zombie Crawl. The Denver Zombie crawl is a major event that occurs in downtown Denver every year along the 16th street mall a few weeks before Hallowen.

Photo by Cliff Conklin

Every year the event becomes more popular and large crowds gather to spectate or join the event. Thouasnds join with cosplay, hundreds of people take photos, and tens of thousands join in spectating. During the event gouls, monsters, zombies and even angels take over the streets for the day. 

Video by Jared Kennedy

The Denver Zombie Crawl is largely sponsored by the 13th floor entertainment group which operates the 13th floor haunted house in Denver and other states. They are the world’s largest Halloween themed entertainment company creating immersive events for the public. They also host many public events in Colorado throughout the year.

This year’s 14th Annual Zombie Crawl was met with many themed events. The Zombie version of the Wizard of Oz “If I only had some brains!” provides new insight to you’re not in Kansas anymore.

Scooby Doo and Shaggy known for their affinity to fear, reverse roles as zombies and enhance the immersion of the public experience.

Model Celee Wilkinson with Angel powers attempts to revive Scooby and Shaggy

Maybe you are simply looking to share a meal with a close friend or

Model Nelly Zarazua breaks for lunch

no matter your desire. The Zombie Crawl is a great event where you can bring the entire family for some pizza, spooks, laughter or entertainment that won’t break the budget.

Photo by Frank LeBoeuf

Models from Sherry’s Angels and Cierra F’s modeling volunteered services coordinated with Joseph Camp by immersing the public into their theme, while photographers (Frank Leboeuf, Chris Aderhold, Cliff Conklin and Jared Kennedy) recorded the memories and provided free professional photos to everyone.

Photo by Chris Aderhold
Models from Sherry’s Angels Cierra F Modeling take photos with the crowd

Most will return home with their skin intact!

Join the Zombie crawl, immerse yourself, and enjoy the day with friends but no matter what you do, make sure you make it out alive!

But no matter how you return next year, as Zombie or human, the event will be back again! Be sure not to miss it!!!!

Article by Jared Kennedy

Lightning and Thunder make Denver’s 4th of July a wet success

Written by Jared Kennedy 
A personal experience trying to find a location to shoot photos on July 4th

It turns out to be quite the day when you set out in mind to do a 4th of July article and it turns out to be a photography write up instead.

The weather was awful and the sky was filled with rain, smoke and fog. It was very unlikely to get a decent long range wide angle photo of the entire Denver area and surroundings. The intent was to go to lookout mountain and shoot some firework photos of the entire Denver surroundings.

Visibility was poor. On the drive from Golden it seemed there were 2 police cars blocking the road. I guess they don’t want anyone falling off the cliff this year. Looking for another venue, there was a high mountain not far. It was Mathews Park (near Dinosaur Ridge) and was only about a 1/4 mile hike to the top. It was dark and there was large metal power tower nearby. With clouds inbound and lightning striking several miles away, probably not a good idea to be near the tower at the highest point in the area.

2 minute video collage of the luminated sky and lightning strikes over Denver and Rockies Field

Currently raining, I quickly set up the camera and tripod. I’m using a Canon 5Dmk4 with a 50mm f/1.4 and a Sigma 24mm f/1.4 (and a rain umbrella). Both are exceptional lenses for low light photography and greatly reduce your iso. However, after the fact, I would have rather have had one of the Blackmagic cameras and shoot prores at 160mb/s. They are great for pulling out frames and using as photos but the cameras weigh about 13lbs. I ended up trying some time lapse photos that were unsuccessful, then switching to video in hopes to get something in the 10 minutes available.

Lightning striking near Commerce City

Soon, lightning started getting closer and it was time to pack up and hike out down the side of the mountain. Next stop was Downtown Denver!

Lightning striking near Rockies Fiels

At 10pm, I made it back and parked near Mile High Stadium. It was still raining hard and many people were soaked from the rain. Someone mentioned the stadium fireworks were cancelled but someone else said they were running late. People were watching the Rockies fireworks.

Even though it was raining people were determined to see the fireworks. Though the fireworks were tough to see through the rain, smoke and fog, The lightning and thunder definitely enhanced the experience. People were discussing how excited they were to see firework, lightning and thunder. I guess you could say this years 4th of July was a success but definitely not as expected.

Denver’s 10th Annual Civic Center Park Independence Day eve celebration

Written by Jared Kennedy

Every year on the eve of Independence day you can see an amazing assortment of food trucks, music, and fireworks at the Civic Center Park! This year was no different.

A large crowd gathered to see the excitement and share in the celebration of the Independence of the United States. The colors are presented by the color guard and The Colorado Symphony plays majestic hymns of patriotism. Speakers remind us of our great nation. Last there are the fireworks! Fireworks mimic the celebratory firing of muskets, artillery and other explosives which was a carryover from colonial days. The 4th of July is said to consume more fireworks that any other holiday.

The fireworks may not be the loudest. Due to the restraints in cities and ear large crowds velocity and intensity are reduced. However, they among the most unique displays you will find in Colorado. The Colorado Symphony plays and the fireworks are synchronized to the music.

The Civic Center is illuminated in red,white , and blue. The fireworks launched by skilled pyrotechnic experts off the rooftops. The colors of the buildings change.

The combination of visual effects and music present a demonstration that thrills the senses.

Creekside Park and the City of Glendale kick off the fireworks early on July 2nd

Written by Jared Kennedy

Most firework displays are held on Independence Day and the day before or through a weekend leading up to July 4th. This year is a little tricky with Independence Day falling on a Thursday. Four mile Historic Park and the City of Glendale kick off the July 4th celebration 2 days early with a splendid firework display drawing thousands in attendance throughout the Cherry Creek area.

Today there were only 2 major locations with fireworks (The Rockies Field and Cherry Creek).

Independence day falls mid summer and is the perfect time for family outings, barbecues, and drinking your favorite craft ale with friends. On July 2, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed and later approved on July 4th. This was like a divorce or legal separation from Britain. It was not until 1783 following several bloody battles, that the Treaty of Paris was signed recognizing the colonies as an independent entity. If these bloody battles would have been lost Washington, Adams, and Jefferson would have likely been hung for treason.

Fireworks video from Creekside Park

On July 3rd, fireworks can be seen at the Adams County Stars and Stripes celebration, The Rockies game, in Erie near Vista Ridge, Littleton at Clement Park, or at the Civic Center. The Civic Center offers a spectacular yearly celebration with music, food and entertainment. Sunsets at appx 8:50pm and the fireworks started around 9:30pm at Creekside. On July 4th, if you find a high enough elevation you can see fireworks all over in the distance with plenty of locations to choose.

Acrobatrix duo delivers breathtaking performances at the Renaissance festival

Written by Jared Kennedy

       If you are looking for a breathtaking, fast paced, slapstick comical performance, look no further!  The Acrobatrix integrates everything from axe and machete juggling to astonishing stunts during their act. Every second of their performance will leave you laughing and wondering how could anyone do that! 

Leah Orleans is Star and Etienne McGinley is Thunder M’Crack. Bending, flipping and flying through the air- the show is action packed from start to finish. Leah and Etienne are a duo unlike any other. Quirky contortionist plus charismatic juggler equals a show that will bring the house down. Surprises and thrills delight the audience with over-the-top feats of strength, agility and absurdity.

      The real life couple has been performing since 2013. Their 40 minute renaissance festival shows are predominantly improvised, securing large crowd participation. This is their career and they have turned their dreams into reality.

The festival runs during the weekends and Leah is also offering workshops in Denver on July 23rd and July 25th.

The Renaissance festival runs every weekend until August and is filled with nonstop performances. This is one you won’t want to miss!

Trash Pandas offer assistance in recycling initiative

Written by Jared Kennedy

Recent influence has pushed Colorado to become more eco friendly. Goats are a new trend for clearing weeds from an overtaken yard, so why not use raccoons to clear unwanted decaying food from the city streets. These adorable critters aka Trash pandas willingly donate their services gratis! Best of all composting time is eliminated.

 If you have ever been downtown in Lodos on a friday or saturday night, it is no secret that it’s a circus out there! The lower downtown area remains one Denver’s hotspots. If you want cheap well drinks, to get sauced with friends, or simply to people watch- this is the place for you. Shoulder to shoulder packed bars, dancing, and chaos in the streets escalate the excitement. 

In addition, the Rockies games are in full session! A large portion of attendees hit the bars after the game. On the corner of 20th and Market, The Viewhouse, The Tavern, and Cowboy Lounge all offer rooftop views of the streets and surrounding areas. The Viewhouse also has a lawn style outdoor patio. El Capultapec, one of Denver’s oldest jazz clubs even serves food late. With an abundance of food trucks, you can catch views of people eating and often dropping food as they struggle to reach the next bar. 

When the bars close and the people stagger home, the trash pandas comes out and begin their feast! They are quite efficient and do not consume energy, leaving a low carbon footprint. This raccoon was spotted on 19th and market and calls home to a sewer drain. A local street resident told a pedestrian filming the beast, it had babies and could attack. Video mode was quickly activated but no attack was initiated. Oh well…..

Denver Cherry Blossom Festival 2019

Written by Jared Kennedy|     

Drums beat and thunder roars, as rain tries to play it’s role on many festivals this weekend! Nonetheless, The 47th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival was able to entertain the public and celebrate their heritage. Saturday morning was filled with rain but gave way to sunshine throughout the day attracting a large crowd to share in their celebration.

Above is a performance in Taiko Drumming. Julia Misawa founded the group Boulder Taiko Hibiki in 2006, a taiko group open to all ages, where students study with a focus on the four values: mind skill, body and manner. Julia also started the Boulder Taiko Ensemble (BTE), which pushes new boundaries in the ever-expanding world of taiko performance adding western drums , guitar and voice, shakuhachi flute and violin (Anthony to the traditional taiko mix. 

DBT Minyoukai participants performed in several displays of Traditional Japanese folk dances.

In Japanese culture, tea is much more than a drink. The tea ceremonyhas been a part of the traditional Japanese culture for centuries. A quiet celebration performed with grace and beauty, the tea ritual is a bonding experience of mindfulness and respect. Above, narrated by Leonard Large, Aislynn Van Clief prepares tea for her guest Alyssa Pinsker who is a travel writer and JET alumni. Aislynn is the owner of Fudo-An Tea and wellness services .

The Cherry Blossom festival celebrates annually in downtown Denver sharing Japanese heritage with the community. There are 2 full days of performances in martial arts, ikebana, music, dancing, taiko drummers , and ceremonies. The streets were filled with vendors of all sorts hosting an array of Japanese items. Best of all, there was no shortage of traditional foods and saki!

Written by Jared Kennedy, Contributing Associate